Hello, I'm Chii

I am a Filipino artist who mainly specializes in 2D digital artworks with keen interest in Japanese and Western illustrations, animation, comics, and games.

Apart from client work, I also regularly exhibit at local events and manage CreachivityShop, an online shop that features my original and fanmade merchandise.

I am also a co-founder and member of Chibaneelle Art Circle

If you would like to work or collaborate with me, send me a message at hello@creachivity.com!

Frequently Asked Questions

Software: A combination of Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop CS6

Hardware: Lenovo Ideapad Laptop and Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Small Tablet

  • Not all my artworks are free to use so please ask first.
  • I do NOT allow unauthorized reproduction/profiting off of my artworks
  • I do NOT allow reposting! I have accounts in most popular social networking sites, if you want to support me, kindly retweet/reblog/share the post instead!

No, I don’t have time to draw for free, sorry!

You may order my merchandise at creachivityshop.com

Please check the shop schedule first if I am taking orders!

To know my event/convention appearances, please check my events page!

View my work on instagram!
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