Commission Terms of Service

By commissioning me and fulfilling the payment, the client therefore accepts the terms of service as stated below.
Last update: April 16, 2020

  • Fanart / Original characters
  • Graphics
  • Human/human-like characters with minor animal traits (rabbit ears, fox tail, cat whiskers etc.)
  • NSFW/Explicit adult content e.g. sexual, nudity, gore etc.
  • Mecha/armor
  • Detailed animal/furry-type characters (depends on design, kindly inquire with me regarding your character if I will be able to do it or not!)
  • Main form of communication would be through email for archiving purposes.
  • Commission prices listed are for NON-COMMERCIAL & PERSONAL use. Commercial license rates would vary and depend on the design + commercial purpose. Kindly contact me with your inquiry to get a quotation!
  • I have the right to decline or refuse a commission.
  • You can find progress statuses now on my commission page! I’ll be regularly updating it. Feel free to ask for more specific updates anytime.
  • Length of time to produce a piece depends on type of commission, character details depicted, and how many people are on queue.
  • After payment, sketches will be sent to the client for approval. You’re free to ask for minor revisions; I reserve the right to ask for compensation if your changes will require a lengthy amount of time or if I have to start a new sketch all over.
  • Commission prices are in USD only paid through Paypal / Paypal Invoice.
  • Payment must be received in full before any work will begin.
  • Refunds are NOT accepted.
  • The artist (creachivity) retains all rights to non-commercial commission work. You (the client) cannot use it for product-making or marketing purposes, and are not allowed to re-sell or duplicate the work in any way or form for profit.
  • Any characters depicted, whether fan art or original, belong to respective owners.
  • Clients are allowed to make use of non-commercial commissions for personal use only e.g. icons, wallpapers, personal banners, printing for personal use etc.
  • Using the art for branding and/or advertisement is considered “commercial use” and is NOT allowed for non-commercial commission
  • Kindly contact me at or through the contact page to inquire for commercial-use commissions